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The Neoperl Group
The Neoperl Group

All in one: your drinking water expert

The Neoperl Group is a leading supplier for the plumbing industry around the globe. We develop, produce and market solutions for drinking water. For more than 50 years and counting, faucet manufacturers, industrial customers, retailers and distributors in China and the rest of the world have placed their trust in us.

Being present in the markets that matter, in close proximity to our customers, is very important to us. Our office in Shanghai was opened in 2003. Since 2011, we have also had a subsidiary in Hong Kong and a production plant in Guangdong.

NEOPERL® products shape the water stream, regulate the flow rate, connect appliances to water and protect drinking water from contamination. Our water-saving products enable everyone to reduce their use of this precious resource and to reduce their energy consumption by heating less water – a simple solution to the benefit of the environment and the climate.